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Have A Backup In Case Weber Banned This Christmas

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A warning to Adelaide Hills residents, that a Weber cooked turkey might be off the menu this year.

The long range forecast for Christmas Day is for a warm and sunny day, just under 30 degrees but the Adelaide Hills Council is warning that if the conditions call for a total fire ban, you won’t be able to use a wood or solid fuel fire BBQ unless you have a council permit.

If the danger rating is considered extreme or catastrophic, those permits may be void.

Council’s Team Leader of Regulatory Services, Dennis Rainsford, encourages residents to plan ahead.

“It’s important that people are thinking about a back-up plan for their Christmas lunch in case the weather turns and a Total Fire Ban Day is declared by the CFS,” he said.

“Planning ahead ensures that there will be no lunchtime panic on what should be a carefree family day.”

You are still able to use an electric or gas BBQ as along as it’s monitored at all times, in a 4m clearance area and completely extinguished after use. It also needs to be within 15 metres of a domestic premises or on a coastal foreshore.


Image: Maxpixel