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Go Fund Me Set Up To Return Stolen RSL Money

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Murray Bridge Councillor Mat O’Brien has started a Go Fund Me Page to help return the $200 stolen from the Mypolonga RSL during a Christmas function on Saturday night.

Committee member Sam Hagger took to facebook to express his disappointment that someone would take the funds, which were raised through a raffle on the night, saying the RSL has a lot of time put in by volunteers and supports multiple community groups.

**correction to post
It was half of the 400 raised in the raffle that was taken, i had misheard the amount. Still does not change the intent of the person responsible.

Good to see a big turnout at the Mypo RSL christmas show last night, a great night had by all. The most disappointing thing is somebody decided to take the $400 or so raised in the raffle, an extremely low act and we ask that it is returned immediately and no further questions will be asked. The RSL has a lot of time put in by volunteers and supports multiple community groups without hesitation, to think that after putting on a night for the community with locals in attendance and to have this done disappoints us all.

He’s called for the funds to be returned no questions asked. The Go Fund Me page has so far raised $30, Councillor O'Brien saying it's the least we can do.

Rather than hope the money is returned, I say we pitch in as a community and replace the funds that were taken in a show of support for Mypo RSL and all other RSL's in our region and the people they support.