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Air Energy Coming to Strath

Senator Simon Birmingham and Hydrostor CEO Curt VanWallegham.jpg
Supplied: Senator Simon Birmingham and Hydrostor CEO Curt VanWallegham

Cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy is set to make its way to Strathalbyn with Australia’s first Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage infrastructure.

Hydrostor has been awarded $6 million from the Commonwealth Government and $3 million from the state Government for the initiative.

It will convert the former Angas Zinc Mine into an emission-free project, and is likely to stimulate the local economy.

Energy and Mining Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan has hailed Hydrostor Australia’s commitment in Strathalbyn as further evidence that the Marshall Government’s energy policies were attracting investment and jobs to South Australia.

“Hydrostor’s interest in establishing this Australian-first project at the Angas mine site highlights the State and Federal Governments’ commitment to make our renewable energy deliver more for consumers,’ said Minister van Holst Pellekaan.

“This project benefits both our electricity grid and the Strathalbyncommunity, converting a brownfield site into an emission-free clean energy project that will stimulate local economic activity.”

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