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Set Backs for Hills Sporting Hubs


Mount Barker's new regional sports hub is $3 million dollars short, while plans for a hub in Stirling have hit a roadblock.

A funding shortfall for the Mount Barker Regional Sports Hub on Springs Road will mean a range of proposed features will be deferred until more money can be secured from a range of sources.

Features that cannot be costed at this stage includes grandstand seating, sealed roads and footpaths, and a fence around the facility.

Meanwhile a sporting hub in Stirling at the site of Stonehenge Reserve has been rejected following community opposition.

Adelaide Hills councillors have agreed to drop a proposal to build two courts and a club room at the site after spending more than $18,000 developing design options for the space.

Those opposed have raised concerns about noise, lack of parking and traffic congestion.

It is back to the drawing board for the council on what to do with the site after it has been resurfaced. The council will also continue to pursue other options for a regional sports club in the area.

Image: Isabella Mendes, Pexels