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No South Australian Spared in GST Shortfall Grab

rob lucas

No South Australians have been spared in the State Treasurer’s GST shortfall grab.

In order to plug a $517 million hole in GST returns this year, Rob Lucas has proposed a range of increased fees, charges and fines ahead of next month’s 2019-20 State Budget.

Amongst other increases, motorists caught speeding or using their phones will pay significantly more in fines - hoons caught speeding more than 45 kilometres above the limit will face fines of more than $1,600.

The fine for using a mobile phone while driving will increase by $200 dollars, licence renewal has risen by 14 per cent, public transport fares will cost two per cent more and there will be an increase in parking fees at most public hospitals.

Rob Lucas said it's about making up for lost GST revenue and penalising irresponsible drivers, while Labor's Steven Mullighan said the increases are too harsh.