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Monarto Celebrates Second Baby Giraffe Arrival

Giraffe Calf 1 Zoos SA Geoff Brooks

Monarto Zoo is celebrating the arrival of another baby giraffe.

Fifth time mum Kinky has given birth to the adorable youngster - it’s the 46th animal to be born at the open range zoo and comes just a couple of weeks after Myeisha from the herd gave birth to a boy.

Monarto Zoo Keeper Kat Ferres said the baby appeared to be doing well and was settling in with the rest of the herd.
“The little calf stood fairly quickly after it was born and now appears to be well-looked after by mum Kinky and the other giraffes,” Kat said.
“Kinky has had four calves before this one and is once again proving to be a good mother.
“A new baby is always very exciting, but it also makes for a wonderful time to visit and watch as the rest of the herd welcomes the young ones.

While giraffes are facing trouble in the wild, the new calves are considered to be an important contribution to the breeding program in helping to secure the future of the species.

Habitat loss, poaching and civil unrest has seen giraffe numbers plummet from around 155,000 in 1985 to about 70,000 today.

Visitors should be able to get a glimpse of the newborn giraffe at the Waterhole viewing platform or on the Zu-loop bus.

Image: Supplied, Zoos SA /Geoff Brooks