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Damning Report on Reservoir Contamination Risk

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Public access to the Myponga reservoir may pose a risk to public health according to a confidential audit.

A confidential report commissioned by SA Water and produced by SA Health has been leaked to Opposition Susan Close and the Advertiser.

The report finds the promise to open reservoirs across the State cannot be achieved quickly without risking health.

"SA Water has been newly required to open up its metropolitan reservoirs by order of the SA Government on one hand, but at the same time is bound by its longstanding obligation to protect water quality on the other," the report says.

"The who obligations are not compatible within the short term, as there simply isn't time to follow due process and complete implementation of new infrastructure and barriers."

The report’s major contamination concerns centre on a possible outbreak of cryptosporidium, from human skin microorganisms, which could cause respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses.

The State Government has allowed partial access at Myponga and has plans in the near future for South Para and Hope Valley reservoirs, with increasingly more access and activities allowed over time.

Labor is demanding an immediate ban on all public access in the chance that rubbish will contaminate the dams and/or visitors will flout the current rules against ‘on water’ activities.

Opposition environment spokesperson Susan Close has accused Minister Spiers of showing a "scandalous disregard" for public health for pushing ahead with the plan.

SA Environment Minister David Speirs said the Government is in no way rushing the process and that the audit report has helped inform the State Government’s decision making to ensure appropriate measures and controls are in place for opening reservoirs.

Image by Andrew, Wikipedia