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L2P - Helping Murrayland Learners on the Road to Employment

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A pilot program to help remove barriers to employment for young locals in the Murraylands is being launched today.

L2P”  is a program to help fast-track learners and help them meet the 75 hours of driving time required to qualify for a provisional licence.

It is an initiative of Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland (RDAMR) and Energy Education Australia, with support from the Rural City of Murray Bridge.

The program is being piloted in Murray Bridge with recognition that holding a driver’s licence is one of the key barriers to securing employment for regional job seekers.

It is open to residents older than 16 who do not have access to a licenced driver or car to learn in.

Vehicles will be supplied by the partner organisations through a State Government-funded grant, with driving mentors to be licence-holding volunteers from the community.

Jo Podoliak of RDAMR said L2P will help overcome a critical regional issue.

“The program will provide many learner drivers with an unprecedented opportunity to undertake supervised driving sessions, which otherwise may not have been possible given their family and financial circumstances. It may be that the learner driver doesn’t have access to a car or has no one who can act in the role of a supervising driver on an ongoing basis.

“We are proud to be piloting L2P in the Murraylands. We will be using the learnings from the pilot to help refine and improve the program, so it can be launched in the neighbouring Riverland and other regions across the state," said Jo Podoliak.

Peter Sawley, Executive Director of Energy Education Australia, said the program was seeking eligible volunteers to expand the program and support an increased number of participants.

“Volunteering for the L2P program will be extremely rewarding as mentors will support and empower participants,” he said. “Having access to reliable transport will help participants build self-esteem and confidence.”

Learner drivers will contribute $12 to each one-hour driving session. Further criteria for learner drivers and volunteering driving supervisors apply.

To register your interest in participating or volunteering, visit http://www.l2p.org.au/ or contact (08) 8535 7170.