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Backpacker Breaks Silence Following Kidnapping Case


A European backpacker who was held hostage at a South Australian pig shed used a little hook to unshackle herself, and then signal for help.

Davine, was kidnapped, raped and held hostage for two days in hobby farmer Gene Charles Bristow's pig shed on his regional property in 2017.

The 54-year-old man lured Davine to his farm in Meningie in the State's South-East after he answered a Gumtree advertisement she posted in search of work.

She believed she was going to work raising calves.

Instead, he took her to his shed, checked her for signs of drug use before assaulting her.

Davine told 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown of the two days of torment she suffered in February 2017, at the hands of Gene Bristow, a 54-year-old hobby farmer. 

"I was struggling and then he put something against my back and I thought it was over," she said on the program which aired Sunday 16 June and is available to watch on 9Now.

The young backpacker said she thought she had no hope of escape, until she noticed little metal hooks used to bind wool bales, which she used to free herself. She then located her laptop and WiFi stick hidden in her bag and sent messages to friends and family.

Once the messages were sent, she made the difficult decision to put her shackles back on and wait for help.

Bristow was last month sentenced to 18 years in jail for aggravated kidnapping, rape and indecent assault.
He won’t be eligible for parole for 12 and a half years. Once released, it is likely he will be deported to Britain.

Image: Davine. (60 Minutes, Chanel 9)