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Unlicensed Driver Under Influence Tests Police Patience

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A driver in the Adelaide Hills has kept police busy over the past week for driving under the influence of drugs and driving with no licence on multiple occasions.

The 51-year-old man was stopped on Hartman Road in Mount Barker on Wednesday 19 June where police allege he not only had no driver's licence but was also driving under the influence of methamphetamine.

The Kensington man was then stopped on Sunday at Sims Road in Mount Barker and was arrested for driving unlicensed and contrary to a direction notice.

Just a couple of hours after being bailed out, police say they caught him driving on Paech Road. He was arrested again and charged with driving unlicensed and contrary to a direction notice.

He will appear in the Mount Barker Magistrates Court on 14 August to face all charges.

More Drivers Testing Positive for Meth

Meanwhile, another 8 drivers in the Adelaide Hills and South Coast have tested positive for meth in the past week.

Among them was a 37-year-old McCracken man, a 22-year-old Nairne man, a 30-year-old McCracken woman, as well as a 43-year-old Hayborough man who police allege also tested positive for cannabis.

Samples have been sent for forensic testing with the drivers issued with a direction not to drive.

Meth can cause lapses of attention, disorientation, and coordination in driving skills, as well as overconfidence leading to increased risk taking and aggressive driving. 

Unlike alcohol testing, there is a zero tolerance to illegal drugs in SA with any presence resulting in prosecution.

Image: Police Media, Hills Fleurieu Local Service Area