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Casanova the Wombat, Winning Hearts in the Hills

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A new Southern hairy nosed wombat has joined Cleland Wildlife Park.

The 14-year-old male named Casanova (pictured) is winning hearts in the Adelaide Hills and is settling in well to his huge nature park enclosure.

Cleland Director Chris Daniels said Casanova is a quiet gentlemanly wombat who has taken up residence in a prestigious underground apartment in the park’s northern paddock. 

“We are delighted that Casanova has joined us and our two other resident wombats – Polar and Fred,” Professor Daniels said. 

“Cassanova and Polar are both Southern hairy-nosed wombats and Fred is a Common wombat who features in our ‘Wombat Encounter’ experience where visitors can enter his enclosure with his keeper and feed him. 

“We are celebrating Casanova's arrival with a special exhibition on wombats, their past, present and future. 

“The exhibition is presented in partnership with Wombats SA, Minton Farm, SA Museum, Adelaide University, Flinders University and the Naracoorte Caves and tells the story of wombats from their amazing evolutionary past, to the challenges they face now and in the future. 

“Entrance to the exhibition is included with the park admission ticket and visitors will learn some fascinating facts about wombats’ noses, bones, tunnels and bottoms.”

Information about the Wonderful Wombats exhibition, as well as other school holiday activities such as a children’s ‘Burrow Adventure’, is available on the Cleland Wildlife Park website.   

Image of Cassanova, supplied.