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Giraffe Calf Joins Monarto Baby Boom

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Spring has sprung, with another new arrival at Monarto Zoo.

A giraffe calf joins a newborn Chimpanzee and a Zebra foal on the list of new arrivals.

Monarto Zoo Keeper Matt Brewer said the new calf is settling in well with the herd in the waterhole habitat.

"After a few wobbly attempts the little calf is already up on its feet and getting used to its long legs," Mr Brewer said. 

"We're keeping a close eye on it to ensure it feeds well. Korongo has already mothered two calves before and she is proving to be an excellent mum again. 

"A new birth is always an exciting time, so we are expecting a lot of visitors to come and see the baby, especially since the little one arrived in time for the school holidays which kick off in just over a week."

Visitors are able to see the calf from the Giraffe Platform and the Zu-loop bus.

Giraffes numbers have plummeted over the past 32 years from 155,000 to approx. 70,000, so this baby plays an important role in raising awareness for the species.

Photo credit: Geoff Brooks, supplied by Zoos SA