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Severe Weather Today - Strong Winds & Dust Storm

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South Australia is being taken on a wild ride with the weather this week.

Following the frostiest September morning on record in many regions on Wednesday 18 September, the state is in for a hot and very windy day on Thursday.

On Wednesday Murray Bridge woke up to -3.1C, while Strathalbyn experienced a low of -0.2C.

Today strong northerly winds have the potential to cause large clouds of fine dust and dust haze in many parts of the state.

SES Chief of Staff Darryl Wright said motorists needed to take extra care and be vigilant when driving.

“If the visibility is reduced, take extra precautions such as turning your headlights on, allow safe braking distances, and drive to the conditions,” Mr Wright said.

Two truck drivers were killed in a head-on crash near Truro last month during a heavy dust storm in the region.

SA Power Networks suggests staying away from fallen powerlines, always treating them powerlines as though they are live and report them to SA Power Networks on 13 13 66.

The CFS has urged landowners to delay planned burn offs and make sure those started earlier in the week are fully extinguished.

"Due to a drier and warmer than average winter we will see Fire Danger Ratings rise quickly across most parts of the state tomorrow," CFS State Duty Commander Yvette Dowling said.

SA Health acting chief medical officer, Nicola Spurrier, says people with respiratory conditions including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease should try to stay indoors.

"If you are in your car, make sure you have the windows of your car up and consider putting the air on recirculation," Dr Spurrier said.

"It's also important if you have a cardiac problem, because sometimes dusty conditions can also trigger a cardiac event."

Check the latest weather warnings here: http://ow.ly/Oy5U50weibm