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Hills Council Supports Today's Climate Strike


Today local students are walking out of the classroom and employees are walking off the job to join thousands in international climate strikes.

The Adelaide Hills Council has formally thrown their support behind the event.

Acting Mayor Nathan Daniell said the initiative's goals are in line with those of the council.

“Pushing towards 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030 is exactly what the council has committed to through our Carbon Management Plan,” Acting Mayor Daniell said.

“In March this year we became only the second SA council to declare a climate emergency and I look forward to our organisation continuing to provide our community with the leadership and support they need to take action on climate change.”

Today’s climate strike has been a long time in the making, in August 2018 Swedish student Greta Thunberg took the day off school to call for climate change action.

Her defiance evolved into regular ‘Fridays for Future’ events with increasingly more students joining her on the steps of Swedish Parliament in solidarity.

Since then, the strikes have gained worldwide attention and Thunberg has become the face of the international climate rallies.

“We who live in places where you are allowed to strike and protest have a moral obligation to do it,” she said.

“If not for yourself, then for those who cannot.”

Protestors will gather at Victoria Square from midday today (September 20).

These protests follow an earlier round in March, when 150,000 people in Australia and 1.5 million worldwide took to the streets to call out those responsible for the climate catastrophe. 

A spokesperson for the Blockade IMARC Alliance said with almost six months in between strikes, some climate activists are growing impatient with the slow pace of the movement. 

“The climate crisis is no longer imminent, it has already begun” said Ms Black. 

“We need to escalate our tactics now. More and more school kids are coming to the realisation that those in power don’t represent their interests, and that mass civil disobedience is necessary to combat climate change. A new generation of climate rebels is interested in learning radical skills and tactics. We haven’t seen this level of radicalism and initiative from young people in a long time.”

Image of Greta Thunberg, European Parliament Flickr