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Local Couple Take Fundraising to New Heights

Greenwood family

Local couple, Michael and Wonita Greenwood, will be abseiling down Adelaide’s tallest building today to raise money for Ronald McDonald House.

Their son, Doug, was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer, in 2015 and the family has relied on support from the charity. 

Mrs Greenwood says her son was diagnosed just before his third birthday. 

“He had a fairly rough trot for a couple of years, he had some cancers return multiple times,” she said.

“He has lost one eye and been able to keep one,”

Doug underwent chemotherapy and radiation for nearly a whole year, in that time the family almost permanently lived in the Ronald McDonald House. 

“That’s when our journey with the Ronald McDonald House began,” Mrs Greenwood said.

The family is very thankful for the support they received during Doug’s cancer treatments. 

“He’s doing very well now… we’re doing this to give back something to the Ronald McDonald House,” Mrs Greenwood said. 

They will tackle the 132 meter drop down Wetspac House at midday today, October 18. 

Photo supplied by Greenwood family