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Sharkie Backs Climate Motion to Support Farmers

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Member for Mayo, Rebekha Sharkie, is backing a private member's motion calling for a national strategy on climate change and agriculture. 

The motion seeks to help struggling farmers through funding for research and investing in farming adaptation. 

It also calls for a national framework and clean energy development targets. 

Mrs Sharkie says the Government needs to instruct the Murray-Darling Basin Authority to conduct a review of the climate change risks in the Murray-Darling Basin.  

“It is deeply concerning that the Government has no coherent plan to address the medium to long-term impacts of climate change on Australia's agriculture,” she said.

“While immediate drought relief is desperately needed, short-term solutions with no view to medium or long-term climate change mitigation or adaptation is an abandonment of Australian farmers to a blinkered ideology of climate change denialism,

“In my electorate of Mayo, our apple, pear and cherry growers are facing the new normal, which is severe hailstorms and hotter seasons with lower rainfall.”

Picture supplied by Rebeckha Sharkie, with Adelaide Hills apple growers Susie Green, Jody Schultz & Matthew Flavell at Ceravolo Orchards at Nairne