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All NSW coronavirus patients discharged

The last person diagnosed with coronavirus in NSW who was still in hospital has now been discharged, health authorities say.

"All four patients diagnosed with novel coronavirus COVID-19 in NSW have now been discharged from hospital," NSW Health said in a statement on Thursday.

The final patient to be sent home was a 43-year-old man.

"NSW Health is extremely proud of its medical response to date with prompt, expert care to all patients, a comprehensive screening program and extensive information campaign," the department said.

A 21-year-old female student from UNSW who had coronavirus was discharged in early February while two male patients - aged 53 and 35 - were discharged in late January.

Chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant at the time said their symptoms had resolved completely before they were discharged.

As an added precaution testing was undertaken to confirm there was no virus detectable in samples from the individuals who had been infected.

So far 883 people have been tested in NSW for COVID-19, but only four have been positive.

Almost 16,000 passengers arriving from China have been screened at Sydney Airport in the past fortnight.

The death toll in China's Hubei province spiked by a record 242 on Wednesday to 1310, with a sharp rise in confirmed cases after the adoption of new methodology for diagnosis, local health officials said.

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