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Dead bub's parents ice addicts, court told

A drug-addicted Sydney mother whose newborn babies died within 15 months of each other smoked ice "more times than I've seen her go to the toilet”, her ex-boyfriend says.

The infants' inquest also heard from a witness who made second-hand allegations that the family's drug dealer had suffocated one girl to make her stop crying.

The hearing is examining the sudden deaths of two half-sisters, known as BLGN and DG, who were three-months and 19 days old respectively when they lost their lives in 2014 and 2015.

The father of BLGN, who is in jail, said his former partner suffered a crippling ice addiction which could keep her awake for 10 days straight while her kids were “running amok”.

“I've probably seen her smoke more times than I've seen her go to the toilet,” he told Glebe Coroners Court on Tuesday.

The dad admitted he was high on ice three days before BLGN’s death when he went to the mum’s unit with two other men, who smoked the drug in front of her two older children.

The trio then left the house but the father said he later returned to the unit and stayed with his baby “until the sun came up”.

“I was laying down and she was resting on top of my heart and I sang to her ‘You Are My Sunshine’,” he said.

“That’s the last time I saw my daughter alive.”

Police found an ice pipe on top of a baby steriliser at the house the day BLGN was discovered unmoving in her cot, which was crowded with toys, blankets, an adult-sized pillow and two baby bottles, the court has previously heard.

An ex-lover of a drug dealer also gave evidence, alleging she had been told he came to the home the night before the tragedy and smothered the wailing baby.

“Obviously being an ice user it totally erased from my memory until the police turned up on my door,” the witness said.

Deputy State Coroner Harriet Grahame asked “is that really your evidence?” before the court heard their relationship had turned sour after the dealer learned she had terminated their unborn baby while he was in jail.

The allegations are denied by the dealer and the person who allegedly told the woman the story, and relatives in the courtroom hissed “liar” as she testified.

The maternal grandmother also gave evidence, saying she saw bruises on the baby’s dead body, which she believed was “rigamortis”.

The ice addict denied ever smoking methamphetamine in front of her three grandchildren or being high when emergency services arrived at the scene.

Around six months after BLGN's death, the mother was pregnant again and high on ice when she was taken to hospital after a serious high-speed car accident, the court heard.

DG, who the court heard had a heart abnormality, was taken into out-of-home care but died within three weeks of being born.

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