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Locals flee Qld bushfires as others dig in

Many have already fled in the face of a monster bushfire that has torn through homes and farmland in central Queensland but some are vowing to stay and fight.

Jenny Khalu has worked through the night to make sure anyone who pulls into the Baffle Creek Convenience store leaves with a tank of fuel.

The fire that has burnt through 17,000 hectares between Gladstone and Bundaberg since Saturday is bearing down on her and husband Jeff but they are digging in to defend the area's only source of petrol.

"They're going through the night with police control and stuff and they need fuel to get around," Ms Khalu told AAP on Tuesday.

"We've got to fuel up the firies, we're the only place that's got petrol in town."

The fire is 2km from the store but Ms Khalu says the bowsers will be protected should it get closer.

"We're just digging in here and hoping for the best."

Meanwhile, all but five people are left at Baffle Creek Caravan Park run by Sally Ehrlich.

She says they are some distance from the fire front but can see a growing wall of smoke.

"We've been asked to leave but decided to stay because we've got a big cleared property and we also back onto the river; and we've got boats ready to go across the river if need be," Ms Ehrlich said.

"A lot of the older people and people in scrubby land have gone. There have been quite a lot of people who have gone."

Wind changes that have been constant in recent days are expected to continue, making it difficult for crews also battling the blaze in a heatwave.

Kerry Connor has had to evacuate holidaymakers from the Broadwater Haven hotel she runs north of the mouth of Baffle Creek.

She also plans to jump into a boat with husband Neil should the fire get too close but looking outside on Tuesday she said the sky was clear.

"A lot of the local people have said they've never seen anything like it here before, not in this sort of country. It's fairly horrific."

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