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Ban on QLD teacher drunk in class

A female teacher who fell asleep in a drunken stupor in a Year two classroom and failed to notice a student being punched has been suspended from teaching in Queensland.

WA cold case murder to be re-investigated

All evidence linked to the 1997 disappearance and murder of 11-year-old Gerard Ross will be re-investigated by WA Police as part of a fresh cold case review.

Qld LNP wants child abuse sentence appeal

Queensland's opposition says the government must immediately seek a stronger sentence for a pedophile who abducted a child from a shopping centre and molested her in bushland.

Turkey steps up strikes in Syria campaign

Turkey has stepped up its air and artillery strikes on Kurdish militia in northeast Syria, escalating an offensive that has drawn warnings of humanitarian catastrophe.

Aurizon backs new Qld anti-protest laws

More than 30 dangerous devices had to be forcibly removed from protesters who used them to attach themselves to structures and increase the risk of injury during climate protests in BrisbaneA Queensland parliamentary enquiry was...