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Recent events at the Shovel & Bull have resulted in a heartfelt plea for the creation of a new head for Richard Wilkins.

Not the man, but the commemorative statue that was located outside the Men's Room at the Shovel & Bull for many years. After being closed for renovations recently, it was noted that someone had in fact removed the head of the statue. Patrons were asked to keep an eye out for the head, in the hopes that it might be spotted on the streets of SA, or maybe at a Garage Sale somehwere.

Sadly, no leads were forthcoming, so the Shovel & Bull opened its doors and asked the public to fabricate a new head for the statue. If you are slightly artistic, cobble together a potential new head for the statue and submit your pictures online. (see some examples below).

Hopefully, a brand new Richard Wilkins will soon be a part of the furniture again at the Shovel & Bull.

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