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5 Things Blokes Do On The Day After Boxing Day


It's not Boxing Day, it's not Proclamation Day. At best it's day 2 of the test but December 27 has it's own traditions. Here's 5 of them.


5. Take all the clothes your family bought you back to the shops. - Look, this isn't a time to be proud but honestly, it's not your fault. My mum buys me clothes that used to fit me when I was in my 20s. That's the size she remembers. It's a lovely gesture but you can't go around wearing the barbecue shirt she got you - it's pretty ugly for starters and secondly it's cutting off the blood supply to your spleen. 


4. Hate eat leftover Christmas meats. I'm not kidding, I'd rather watch another season of 2 Broke Girls than eat ANOTHER ham sandwich. But you can't waste it can you? So today's the day you chew through the pain. 


3. Finally read the instructions. Yep, admit it. You have no idea how to program your kids' new watch. But for goodness sake it's just a watch, how hard can it be. It's the end of 2017 - watches aren't watched anymore. They're computers and YOU are NOT a computer expert. So after a couple of days of "hang on a minute" and "it must be this button", today's the day you try and understand the manufacturers recommendations. 



2. Try and fit all that paper, plastic and glass in the recycling bin. Seriously, how much crap did we buy this year? You'll spend a good portion of today trying to get thet recycing bin lid to come close to resembling shut. You'll get out the rake and try and push it all down. You'll find an old brick and weigh down the lid. You'll try and fold the cardboard boxes more times than you know physics tells you is possible. 


1. Get To Know The Husband Seat. Whether it's the post Christmas Sales or just a trip to pick up a "couple of things", shopping is a big part of the 27th December each year. And each year blokes try and find the comfiest way of not actually shopping. There is literally nothing worse than clothes shopping with your wife so man will sit on ANYTHING that remotely resembles a Husband Seat in order to get out of answering "should I get the pink or the magenta?" (it's a trick question - surely they're the same colour, right?)