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KISS are getting ready to embark on a world tour that will be their final farewell after over forty years of blood-spitting, rocket-firing, ear-splitting rock and roll. Fittingly called the END OF THE ROAD TOUR, the band will find their way Down Under again in 2019, marking nearly 40 years since they first ventured to Australia on the UNMASKED tour of 1980.

They'll let loose one of their final Australian shows at Adelaide's Cooper's Stadium on November 19th, 2019, and guitarist Tommy Thayer, who's now been in the band longer than original guitarist Ace Frehley, spoke with Chris Dzelde from Los Angeles about the upcoming tour - what fans can expect , what's next for KISS, how long they'll be on the road, and can listen to the full interview below!

Chris Dzelde will be giving away tickets to the Adelaide November 19 concert from Monday December 17th to wish you a Merry KISS-MAS !!!