Are you smitten with Dog kisses and "Furbaby" love?

Dog birthday

Take the test:

1/ Do you throw the best "Doggy Birthday Parties"?

2/ Does your house have multiple pet beds?

3/ Do you feed your "Furbabies" before you feed yourself?

4/ Is your sofa covered in pet hair?

5/ Does your puppy have more dress ups than you have clothes?

6/ Do you get excited when you find a new pet toy at the shops?

7/ Do you have a webcam that you keep tabs on your pets with whilst you are out or at work?

8/ Do you have more than 1 doggy door in your house?

9/ Do you greet your pet before you greet your spouse?

10/  Do you let your Dog kiss you on the face?

If you answered more than 7 with a YES! You are indeed smitten with Dog kisses and "Furbaby" love!


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