At Least 8 Amazing Facts About Love Actually



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It's difficult to believe that this film was made back in 2003. Yet every year, we drag it either out of the DVD rack, stream it online or watch it one of the 7 times it runs on Free To Air telly in the leadup to Christmas.

But there are some secrets of the movie. So get ready to see the film in a different light. 

1. The Airport footage

Richard Curtis, (writer and producer of "Love Actually") got the footage for the beginning and the end of the film from an actual airport.

Whenever they saw and filmed something that would fit, they would race up to the people involved and ask for permission to use it in the film.

Way to ruin the moment.

But if you were at Heathrow Airport circa 2002/3 you might have been approached!

2. Hugh Grant was their 4th choice for PM!

Before Hugh Grant landed the role, Anthony Hopkins, Michael Gambon and Michael Crawford were considered. They were all busy at the time of filming.

3. Olivia sang too well. 

Olivia Olson, believe it or not, did all the singing for this song herself.


She actually did such a great job that the director had to edit it to sound more like a kid singing!

While we're on the topic, Thomas (the drummer in the song) didn't know how to play the drums when he got the call up to this film! His dad played though and taught him just in time for the shooting of that scene!

4. "Love Actually" was actually supposed to be 2 films

Richard Curtis was working on two films... one about the character that Hugh Grant ended up playing and the other about Colin Firth's character. When he realised that they were similar storylines, he merged them into the same film!

5. An idea from the wedding scene came from a funeral

Remember in the Peter and Juliet wedding scene where the band started playing "All You Need Is Love" from all different parts of the ceremony? Well, that idea came from a funeral that Richard Curtis attended where puppeteers brought their Muppets for a song.

By the way, the vicar used in this scene is actually a vicar in real life too.

6. One cast member needed medical attention

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Colin Firth and Lucia Moniz's storyline in the flick was riddled with clever language barrier jokes... and their most famous scene in the movie was the lake scene where a gust of wind sends half of Colin's character's book into the water.

They both end up diving in, but that lake was less than 50cm deep, and so they had to kneel in the water to make it look convincing.

It was also rife with mozzies, and Colin was badly bitten in the shooting of the scene. It was so bad that his elbow swelled to the size of an orange, and needed to duck in for some medical attention!

Lucia, by the way, scored her part as a result of a joke! Her friend is a casting director and sent her photos in without her knowledge! She got the call up for the casting and ended up getting the gig! 

7. One cast member wanted to do a scene for free!

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Kris Marshall got arguably the best role in the movie. He was Colin, who was the lucky lad who had three American girls undress him in the movie. He had so much fun shooting the scene that he returned his pay check for that day!

It took 21 takes, maybe Kris deliberately kept stuffing it up?

8. Big Bro or lil' Bro?

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There's a throw away line in the film where Emma Thompson refers to David (Hugh Grant) as her big brother. Emma is actually 17 months older than Hugh!

A couple of bonus facts

1. "Love Actually" was the most rented DVD in 2004 in the UK.

2. Michael Parkinson apparently was bang up for appearing in the movie.

3. In the Czech Republic, the movie is known as "Heavenly Love", while in Russia it's known as "Real Love"

4. The word 'actually' is spoken 22 times in the flick.

5. The word 'actually' is featured 9 times in this article.