The Great Depression vs Today - A 95-Year-Old's Perspective

Shirley Duthie may have lived through diphtheria, family conflict, the Great Depression and World War II, but she is an incredibly astute, kind and joyous person.

After spending her childhood years industriously searching for food for her famished family, Shirley became a trainee tailoress at the National Clothing Company in Adelaide at the age of 13, earning seven shillings and sixpence a week (75 cents).

Now residing in Murray Bridge's Lerwin Nursing Home, Shirley takes joy in life's pleasures, friendships and the legacy of her nine children and almost 80 family members, spanning five generations.

Shirley joins Jennie Lenman to reflect on the Great Depression years and share some words of wisdom with listeners who may be struggling through the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo of Shirley supplied by Lerwin Nursing Home with permission from Shirley Duthie

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