Push to Save Historic Overland Train Before It's Too Late


A renewed campaign aims to stop the quiet demise of a 133-year-old rural passenger rail service between Victoria and South Australia.

After the SA Government axed its annual $330,000 subsidy for the Overland in 2018, Victoria stepped in with an additional $200,000 to keep it running until June 30 this year, however it has not run since March 24 due to coronavirus border closures.

A Virtual Serviceton Summit was launched Friday 19 June, advocating for the retention of the service.

Historian and author of ‘The Overland - A Social History’, John Wilson, spoke in the webinar. He joins Jennie Lenman for a chat about it.

Watch the virtual Serviceton Summit June 2020 by clicking on this link

Photo of Overland supplied Journey Beyond Rail