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Adrian Pederick; The Only Way To Level The Playing Field Is Say No To Bank Tax

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Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick isays a tax on the big banks in South Australia will affect every man woman and child who uses a bank, from those who have a mortgage to those who have their first savings account.

Defending his leader Stephen Marshall from comments made by the SA Treasurer calling him weak and saying the SA Liberal party is easily talked around by the might of the big bank, Mr Pederick says the State Government isn't thinking about the effect adding another levy on banks will have on investment in this state, on jobs and on the average consumer.

Mr Pederick also says he does not support the legalisation of prostitution in SA saying he doesn't believe it will make it any safer for those involved in the business.

He also calls on the government to make the ICAC hearing on the Oakden Aged Care Facility public, saying while it may protect those giving evidence, it doesn't help those who have seen their elderly family member hurt or die at the facility.