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Tony Pasin; I'll Be Travelling More With The Boundary Changes


The Redistribution Committee for South Australia today published its report proposing names and boundaries for the ten federal electoral divisions.

The Chair of the Committee and Electoral Commissioner, Tom Rogers said the South Australian redistribution is required to enable a decrease from eleven to ten federal electoral divisions.

“Under the proposal some significant changes would occur with the boundaries of all South Australian divisions being amended to accommodate the decrease,” Mr Rogers said.

“Nine of the existing eleven division names would be retained. The Division of Port Adelaide would be abolished and the Division of Wakefield renamed ‘Spence’ in recognition of the prominent advocate for female suffrage and electoral reform Catherine Helen Spence.”
Proposed boundaries
Mr Rogers said the Committee was faced with a situation where a division had to be abolished and as a consequence nine of the existing eleven divisions were outside the permissible numerical requirements.

“The Committee believes the proposal caters for differing rates of expected growth and decline across the state while improving communities of interest where possible and using strong, identifiable features as boundaries.”

The proposal would see:

the adjustment of the regional divisions of Barker and Grey - both of which need to gain electors, the transfer of electors from the northern area of the existing Division of Wakefield into the regional proposed Division of Grey, the abolition of the Division of Port Adelaide and distribution of a portion of those electors into a new northern Division of Spence - contributing to the change in the demographic of this proposed electoral division to become more metropolitan, the transfer of the majority of the remaining electors in the former Division of Port Adelaide to the proposed Division of Hindmarsh to the south, parts of the Barossa Council transferred to the south-eastern outer Division of Barker, resulting the council area being included in two divisions, not three as currently, and the transfer of electors between the outer metropolitan divisions to the south of Adelaide to balance elector numbers and align communities of interest where possible.

Memkber for Barker Tony Pasin says the changes make sense but will involve even more travelling for an MP who spends a lot fo time on the road already.