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Sharkie Gutted By High Court About Face

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Former Member for Mayo Rebekha Sharkie says she's gutted by the High Court decision over the citizenship status of Labor Senator Katy Gallagher, saying the change in the way they view this part of the constitution has changed 

"I am so sorry we need to go to a by-election. I know it's something I don't think a single person in Mayo wants to do so I'm sorry for that, it's certainly not something I saw coming or that a lot of very smart legal people saw coming."

"What we saw yesterday with the high court is a complete 180 degree turn around in how that particular section of the constitution is interpreted and it's really no longer about reasonable steps and what you've done, it's about what the foreign power has sent back to you."

Sharkie will spend today packing up her electorate office and hand back the keys to her car before moving into a friend's accounting firm's office where she will mount her campaign to reclaim the seat.

When asked about how she feels about former Liberal MP Alexander Downer's daughter Georgina Downer running against her as the Liberal candidate Ms Sharkie has welcomed the challenge.

"She may be the candidate that the Liberals choose, I don't know Georgina, she doesn't live here, I haven't come across her at any community events but I welcome any challenge."

"Mayo deserves to have some good challengers put their hand up for the seat and I'm hoping that my record of working hard for the last 2 years will shine through."