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Anita Vandkye; Small Steps Will Lead You To A Zero Waste Life

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Anita Vandyke’s very timely new book A Zero Waste Life is on shelves this month, the ultimate guide to help you reduce your waste by 80% in just 30 days.

A Zero Waste Life is not full of complicated climate change science, scary pollution statistics or preachy and unachievable tips that only cater to a small percentage of the population. Instead, Anita’s zero waste goal is all about leaving a gentler footprint on the planet, implementing sustainable practices that easily fit into your daily routine and introducing the idea of being an ‘everyday activist’.

A Zero Waste Life includes daily challenges such as a bin audit, a spending ban, building a waste kit, making your own cleaning products, voting with your dollar, zero-waste travel, quitting fast fashion and embracing minimalism by de-cluttering your home.

Anita talks about wow empowering it can be to live a low waste life in today’s consumerist society.

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