Ask SA Today; The Speedway Burn Out Pad Upgrade

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A concerned Murray Bridge residents asks.

"I've heard a very strong rumour from from a very reliable source that he Rural City (Of Murray Bridge) is allegedly preparing to pay $200,000 to the Murray Bridge Speedway for them to build their new burn out pad at the speedway, which is subject to a Cat 3 development ending on Fri June 22 2018.

This in itself is not a good fit for the speedway in the position it is in with the township and river in close proximity.

Our property is near the speedway and is classed recreational and we have restrictions on use of our property.

The speedway is for speedway vehicles (which we have no problem with) but when used as a burn out event, the smoke and un-burnt/burnt fuel discharged from the arena will be toxic to close and distant properties and people including, depending on wind direction, the river also."

CEO of the Rural City of Murray Bridge Michael Sedgman responded saying the Planning Development process is still underway for this proprosal, with community consultation wrapped up at the end of last month. The project will need to pass through the approval process of several agencies including the Environmental Protection Authority.