Hay - Can you Help?

Hay bales 2 resized.jpg

After receiving this message from Tracey Harvey on facebook, we spoke to her husband Greg about how you can help those farmers who are desperate to feed their starving stock.

My husband and I from Harvey Hay Sales at Hartley SA have been receiving calls daily from farmers in NSW drought affected areas all trying to source hay for there cattle, sheep and horses.
We are wanting to coordinate a semi load of hay to a farmer in the Mudgee region.

Trying to source hay within our region has been the hardest challenge. So far to date we have source 2 round bales donated by a local farmer and Greg and I are donating 128 small squares. This will only make part of a semi load, but we really would love to take a full semi.

I’m calling out to everyone if you know of anyone farmers who could donate any rounds, whether it’s one round per farm, if possible to help us make up a full load by next week, we and the farmers we are trying to help we be forever appreciative.

Please call Greg on 0427373207 or Tracey 0400375055 if you can help us.

It’s so distressing talking to these farmers and hearing the hopelessness in their voices as they are breaking down😢