Kelly Gladigau On TABAREFTA Sale

Kelly Gladigau 2.png

Centre Alliance candidate for Barker, Kelly Gladigau, has again slammed the Board of the Tailem Bend Homes for the Aged Inc (Taberefta) for announcing yesterday that it has resolved to sell the retirement village to The Adelaide Benevolent Society.

“Since concerns about poor management of the facility were exposed last year, I’ve continued to receive numerous letters for help from residents and families who feared the President of the Board, Mr Adrian Pederick, would sell Taberefta against their wishes. Now those fears have been realised,” Kelly said.

Concerns have also been raised with Kelly about changes described to her as “secret and retrospective” to the facility’s constitution, occupancy agreements, Board member changes and administration.

Taberefta was built in the mid-1970s through donations from the local community to provide low-cost accommodation for the elderly in the district.

“There has been massive community outrage since Mr Pederick finally announced yesterday the intentions of the Board to sell Taberefta. There has been no community consultation and no transparency around the decision-making process.

Our community is not criticising the Adelaide Benevolent Society for expressing an interest in purchasing Taberefta, but rather the process undertaken by the Board in reaching its decision to sell the facility. At the very least the funds from the sale should be re-invested back into the site,” Kelly said.

A community meeting organised by Kelly will be held this Thursday night at 6:30pm at the Tailem Bend Football Clubrooms where the community can voice their concerns about the sale and discuss possible avenues to support Taberefta staying in the hands of the community.

“A community meeting held last year exposed many issues and clearly demonstrated the need for transparency in how the Board of Management was making its decisions. Now the Board has decided to sell this community-built facility. This is not only disgraceful but disrespectful to the community who fought so hard to establish Taberefta,” said Kelly.

“I’m calling on Mr Pederick and the other Board members to attend this important community meeting. Those in authority in nursing homes and retirement villages must take the time to sit down with residents and their families to fully explain the situation and ease any concerns they might have,” said Kelly.

“If the contract to sell Taberefta hasn’t been signed then it’s not too late for the board to reverse its decision. Taberefta is a wonderful facility and Centre Alliance will work hard to maintain that legacy. To that end we will work with our SA-BEST colleagues to investigate amendments to strengthen the rights of aged care residents and the community.” said Kelly.