Dan Cregan On The Home Battery Scheme

Dan Cregan 2.png

Member for Kavel, Dan Cregan MP has welcomed the launch of the State Government’s $100 million Home Battery Scheme.

The $100 million in State Government subsidies have been matched by $100 million in finance from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation which will provide low-interest loans for the balance of the battery cost and for new solar if required.

“The scheme was a key election commitment and I’m very pleased to see it delivered,” Mr Cregan said.

“Home batteries are one way for households to take control of their energy costs and to access stored energy for evening or night-time use.”

“This is a very significant investment from the state government and will ultimately result in lower power prices for many South Australian households.”

South Australian households can access up to $5,000 towards a battery system or $6,000 if they hold a concession card.

Mr Cregan is also Chair of the State’s Public Works Committee and said the Home Battery Scheme builds on the State’s plans to develop localised virtual power plants by linking up household battery and solar panel arrays.

“The State is investing significant resources to get the most out of community battery and solar panel systems and to bring down energy costs.”

German battery storage giant Sonnen is receiving support under the State’s Home Battery scheme. Sonnen will supply batteries for the first nine weeks of the Home Battery Scheme.

Sonnen has also announced plans to manufacture up to 10,000 battery storage units a year at the former GM Holden manufacturing site in Elizabeth as part of plans to transform the site and create over 400 jobs.