Nazeem Hussain On Seeking Wiggle Forgiveness And How He Managed To Rope In So Many Celebs For His New Show

Orange brown cast.jpg

Aussie comedian Nazeem Hussain has a new show coming to Channel 7 on November 15, a sketch show that will make some people a little uncomfortable.

It's like someone took the sentiment of 80's sitcom Kingswood Country and turned it into a sketch show, funny with a dash of "are you allowed to say that on television".

Hussain says he's amazed so many big names said yes to appearing on the show and surprised at how funny some of the country's most serious actors can be but says they didn't reach out to iconic children's entertainers The Wiggles, who are the subject of a Brown Wiggle segment.


Image: Regular cast members of Orange Is The New Brown, Matt Okine, Urzila Carlson, Rhys Nicholson, Aaron Chen, Nazeem Hussain and Firass Dirani.

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