Rebekha Sharkie Calls For PM To Work With Independents Not Against

Sharkie in parliament.jpg

Member for Mayo Rebekha Sharkie says the Prime Minister showed absolute disrespect when walking out on Dr Kerryn Phelps' maiden speech this week, especially with the route he chose to take out of the chamber.

"Absolutely, the first speech, what normally happens is the whole parliament stays and listens to the speech because it doesn't really matter which side of the parliament you're on... it's the right thing to."

"For the PM to leave and to leave in such a showy way, he walked right up the centre aisle right past Kerryn Phelps, it's not a very good look if you're the leader of that building and you do that."

Sharkie says right now there's a great opportunity for the Government to learn to work with the Independents in the parliament which now includes Dr Phelps and Julia Banks who this week resigned from the Liberal Party.