What Is A Social Media Influencer?


If you have a social media account of any description, you might have come across a social media influencer.

So what IS a social media influencer? How much money are they making for pushing a company's product on their instagram or facebook page? and are they governed by advertising standards like anyone promoting their product on TV or radio?

Social Media Expert Ryan Shelley answers those questions and we find out which gender seems to be bringing home more of the bacon in the social media influencer sphere.

Regarded as a social media expert Ryan Shelley (Managing Director of Pepper IT) is regularly called upon to give expert advice on digital marketing and social media.

With over fifteen years’ experience working in boutique and consulting roles including working with NASDAQ - Ryan enjoys the diversity and complexity of the technical side, while working with his clients to bolster their online presences.

Ryan possesses the unique ability to clearly explain the difficult technicalities simply – while also diving deep into the more abstract parts of marketing.

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