A Glitzy Fundraiser for Clean Water in Menindee


It is not just fish that have been affected by toxic algae in the Murray Darling; Menindee residents have reported foul drinking water coming from their taps.

Pamela Giehr is originally from Menindee but is now based in the Murraylands, South Australia. Instead of doing nothing about the issue, she decided to tackle the issue head-on with her brother and raise money for water filters for all affected members of the community.

Pamela is hosting a glamorous fundraiser at the Milang Institute on Saturday March 28, 2019 called 'Operation Water Run Fundraiser'. Doors open 7pm with the show to start from 8pm. If you cannot make it but want to chip in, head to the Go Fund Me page.

She and entertainer Vicki Vegas join Jennie Lenman to talk more about it.

Image: Amanda Slater