Innovatively Tackling Food Waste in SA

FFWCRC carrots_logos.jpg
South Australia is a bit of a trend setter when it comes to leading the environmental cause, from container recycling to banning plastic bags, to having the lowest food waste per capita.
The Federal Government has put $30 million towards the cause, establishing the Fight Food Waste Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) in Adelaide in 2018.

CRC CEO Steven Lapidge joins Jennie Lenman to talk about his company's achievements and goals this World Environment Day and what industries and consumers can do to make a world of difference for the planet.

The Art of Selling Ugly Fruit & Veg - Barry Urquhart

Fussy shoppers are paying a premium for good-looking fruit and veg.

While it shouldn't matter what a potato or avocado looks like for someone planning to mash them, supermarkets throw out as much as 35% of their fruit and vegetable stock for looking ugly.

Consumer behaviour analysis, Barry Urquhart of Marketing Focus, joins Jennie Lenman this World Environment Day to discuss.