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Real Estate Wrap 6 July 2018 - With David Reed

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David Reed has been building playgrounds for the past 30 years with his business Kidzspace.

It’s been almost 30 years since our playgrounds were first introduced to the kids of the world. Since then playgrounds have evolved through extensive research and development. Today our playgrounds are designed to provide kids with their own little havens to play and grow with their friends.

A place where they can play safely and creatively interact with other kids in ways that provide for healthy growth in mind and body, using their imagination with physical activity.

Our inspirational designs are carefully researched to target specific developmental needs of kids of varying age and skills groups to enhance and encourage healthy activity. We think of our playgrounds as… playgrounds with purpose.

David tells Angus Campbell about the philosophy of building a playspace for expanding minds and how much it would cost to have one specifically designed for your backyard.