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G'day listeners,

Firstly, a heartfelt thanks to all of you for your enquiries into my health, well being and possible return to 5MU at the weekends.

Unfortunately, this will be my final post as my medical prognosis is not good. I have always tried to be straight and honest with you and today will be no exception. The cancer we thought gone is back and aggressive, to a point that it's inoperable.

I have just a short time of quality life remaining and will spend it with my wife, soulmate and best friend of 33 years Roxy and whilst able to travel, visit friends in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne to say goodbye.

Amongst my many friends at 5MU thank you so much for your support, particularly Mel and Stephen. 14 years ago Col Taylor and Stu Endersby. Radio has been my life and the last 14 years have been the most rewarding.

Goodbye and God bless you all.

With much love,

Barry Martin
aka The Weekend Warrior


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Melissa Detchon wrote
Barry there comes a time we all must move on, for some it is earlier than others, thank you for the joy you have given us all over the years, have one hell of an "exit party" spend it with your lovely wife, family and friends and know we the listeners have got your back! We will miss you but as with Sundo you will fondly be remembered. Always let your inner SPARKLE shine, until next time Melissa 3 xxxx ps tell Sundo we miss him when you catch up 0)

David Laing wrote
Dear Barry, this is terrible news for you and Roxy. Please take solace that you made so, so many people happy with your smooth voice and Aussie jokes. may your days be peaceful and loving. God Bless.

Joanne Bartlett wrote
My Sundays will always be gold, and I will think of you every Sunday, because you wont be there. I have enjoy 14 years listening to you Barry. Now its time to enjoy your family and friends. Love you and I will miss you 5MU will not be the same for me ever again. Thank you. xxx

Jenny Tyndale wrote
Love and hugs to you Barry ❤️ Weekend radio just hasn’t been the same without you...enjoy your time with family and friends ❤️

Karen wrote
I honestly don't know what to say.. I lost my husband to pancreatic cancer..I know what your wife is going through. We really enjoyed listening to you and many years ago, with Billy Coke Bottle. Please enjoy your time left on this earth.. tell everyone who means anything to you, you love them...
Thankyou for the memories
Love n hugs xxxx

Kye Richardson (19) wrote
Well Barry this is devestating,
Driving around the country side with nan and pop (John and Marlene Pickering), listening to buy swap and sell or sunday gold all them years ago were what began my love to listening and supporting the local station that is 5MU. You have helped many through buy swap and sell for sure. In more recent times, when cruising in my Ghia, I have enjoyed listening to sunday gold along the roads. Well, I believe the place where I grew up is your home town? (Mannum), if so, enjoy that beautiful part of Australia.

Michelle wrote
Good luck with everything, I hope you get to do everything on your bucket list, you will be missed.

Peter Stewart wrote
My best wishes Barry, may you achieve your wishes for the visits and may you be granted comfort.
Thanks for all your wonderful time on radio.

Bruce Penta wrote
It was a pleasure to know you Barry and I’m very sorry to hear of your bad health. I wish you all the best and hope you really enjoy and do everything you have wanted to in these next few months.
It was a privilege knowing you and listening to you for many years.

CRAIG Ligertwood wrote
Happy trails Barry from the Ligertwood Family. Thank you for being part of our lives via the radio. We are all better for it.

Ron Livingston wrote
enjoy your time Barry!!!

Christine Young and Wayne Turner. wrote
Barry such devastating news!!!😢😢
We hope you travel through the remainder of your life filled with all the love, respect and pain free comfort you deserve.
We cannot thank you enough for your wonderful, professional and honest presence on 5 MU.
You will be missed by all 😭😢😢
Peaceful travels Barry. 🙏🙏

The Jones Family wrote
Dear Barry.
My family and I are so very sad to hear this. You were such a good friend to my Dad and my family and I appreciated that so much. Our hearts are with you and Roxy and your family. 💜

Kerry Peck wrote
Still remember my time at 7EX working with you fondly. Last time we met up was 1970 and we were much younger, enjoy your time mate with your wife and family

Annemarie Hodson wrote
Thoughts and prayers are with you and Roxy from Townsville.

Murray Dickson wrote
The saddest of sad news Bazz on a
Journey we all must take but put off for as long as possible. I know your legion of friends in Perth will be deeply saddened, as are all of us who have the pleasure of knowing you.
To you, Roxy and family, you’ll always be in our thoughts.

Gary Mandy wrote
All the best Baz. The steam powered horse drawn wireless will never be the same.

Anne wrote
Sunday mornings will never be the same SUNDAY GOLD KEEP IT GOING

Glenys from balhannah and Pat from Meningie wrote
Hi Barry. Sorry to hear you're not good. We will miss hearing you on 5mu. I think everyone will. From buy swap and sell to the great music on Sunday mornings and everything in between. Enjoy your travels and catching up with friends and family. Thinking of you and Roxy

Teresa Jones wrote
I am so sorry to hear of your prognosis. My Dad always loved to listen to you. He always spoke very highly of you. I would like to thank you for always being a great mate to my Dad. You and Roxy are in my thoughts.
You are in our thoughts,
The Jones Family

Catherine & Mike wrote
Such sad news Barry , 😢😢 enjoy the rest of your life filled with love , happiness and pain free days with loved ones . Your voice was golden on Sunday Golden , So many times Mike and I called 5MU for help to sell , buy or give away items, sometimes I ‘d call in to station and drop off gear for less fortunate families. You’ve been an inspiration and we will always have a spot in our hearts as does Sundo .❤️❤️💕💕🌻🌻

Jenny & Richard Pfeifer wrote
So sorry to hear your news. We have enjoyed listening to you on the radio for many years, you have brightened my days on many occassions when I needed it the most. Your impact on lives has been incredible, often without you being aware of it. Your sense of humor - loved it! It has been an honour and a privilege to have had you in our lives. God bless you and Roxy every day until....... xx

wayne Crowhurst wrote
I first met you and Sundo at the M/B RSL , I was behind a bar at then ,the new RSL , you will be missed, and I am sure the Cally show will be missing you also . best wishes .

Billy wrote
Barry, I grew up in Perth, and remember you and Wattsie on 6PM. You were part of my growing up, and moving to SA, it was like finding an old friend again

Billy wrote
Barry, I grew up in Perth, and remember you and Wattsie on 6PM. You were part of my growing up, and moving to SA, it was like finding an old friend again

Julie McDougall wrote
Wattsie and Martin part of my childhood my Mum and Dad loved your laughs! Us baby boomers keep losing our legends ❤️May the time you have left be full of love.laugh and memories ✔️

Tania wrote
Sorry about your prognosis.Go and make some Beautiful Memories your Wife,Family and Friendd will always treasure.😎😪💞

Julie wrote
When you catch up with Wattsie and Billy Cokebottle there’ll be some wonderful memories of great times here in Perth. Thanks for the time you spent over here.

Pilita Wilson wrote
Hi Barry, Watsy & Martin were a part of my growing up in Perth.
I truly wish you all the best.
This year I have been watching a series of documentaries about cancer . These documentaries are by Ty & Charlene Bollinger who in a 10 year period lost 7 very close members of their family to cancer. Their website is The Truth About Cancer. Ty made it his mission to investigate alternatives to Chemo has travelled all over the world looking at treatments for cancer.
This is your journey but there is always hope. Please look into Intravenous Vit C. If you get the documentary series of their Asia Interviews you will see so many people interviewed that were given no hope but through a range of treatments available are living fulfilling happy lives.
Thank you for years of entertainment. God bless you and your family. Pilitax

Brad Collins wrote
Hi Barry,
I'm simply devastated to read this. I just wanted to say thank you for being such a great colleague and friend. You should be so proud of everything you've achieved. Much love to you and Roxy.

Bev Lloyd wrote
You have bought me lots of laughter and good times on 5MU. I wish you lots of good times and memories with your family in the time ahead. May God watch over you and bless you ❤

Gary Clyne wrote
Barry you Wattsie and Mr Cokebottle brought so much laughter to so many. You are in all our thoughts right now mate.

Kerry Lawson wrote
Sorry to hear you sad news Barry (We have met a few times, I am a friend of Rose and Trevor) I enjoyed our conversations, albeit brief. Always loved listening to you on the airwaves,be it your friendly banter or playing a good choice of music I am pretty sure I first met you Stranded on Vinyl way back then, lol Take Care Kerry Lawson

Kathy wrote
God bless you Barry, I pray for strength for you in the times ahead and peace as you say your final farewells. If you are a child of God there is no fear only eternal life.

Gayl & Neville Baehnisch wrote
We are so sorry this has happened to you. Our love and prayers to you & Roxy. God bless you both.

Maxine wrote
So sad to hear of your health not being the best. I want to thank you for being a talented radio personality and always enjoyed listening. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Glen & Norm Foster wrote
Hi Barry, we have missed you and Buy Swap & Sell. Great show with lots of Aussie humour. You also allowed us to advertise our fundraisers for the Milang Butter Factory. Although we have never met you we loved to hear you voice. We sorely miss you at brekky time on Sunday Morning Gold. 5MU will never be the same.
We have been following your progress through Mel & 5MU. .We wish you comfort without pain. God Bless, to you & Roxy. Thinking of you. Thanks for many lovely memories.

shirley and Don Fry wrote
So so sad to hear your news Barry, we will miss your beautiful voice. We wish you and Roxy all the peace and tranquility and comfort knowing that you are well loved. Travel well dear friend. xxx

Faye Rumac wrote
Barry sending love and prayers to you ❤️Thinking of you and how sadly missed you will be. I can't say in words how much I enjoyed listening to you on 5mu .

Julie Smith wrote
Enjoy your time you have left Mr Barry.Enjoy your wife,your family and friends.Thankyou for being you...we will all miss you x

Harold and Rosalie Rogerson wrote
We will miss you , but hope this time will be one of happiness for you both. God bless dear friend

Michael Potts wrote
A voice made for radio shall be no more. Your musical knowledge and fabulous humour will be greatly missed. As will those long Friday lunches at Osteria Sanso with all those wonderful wines. If ever a miracle was due I'd like to see it about now. Thinking of you mate.

Jan & Bob Henry wrote
So very sorry to read your shocking news. We wish you all the best for what tome you have left. You will be missed terribly as you have been already. The moulds will have been broken with you and Sundo. Love to you and your family.💕

Brian (Spinks)from M/Bridge wrote
No it's not Ken. Always looked forward to speaking to you on Saturdays with the hope to one day meet you. 5MU will not be the same,Au revoir Barry. Brian.

Peter & Bev Wilson wrote
So saddened to hear this terrible news Barry.
We did not know you & Roxy that long but shall never forget your smile and conversations shared at Tailem pub over great music & Roxy's Mexican tucker.

Craig Jesser wrote
Hi Barry
So sorry for the sad news but i loved listening to you on the radio.
God Bless

mark&pam wrote
Barry thank you for your friendship and support we have good memories of you and roxy,it wont be the last time we will see you, but with jesus in heaven very soon where there is no pain,so barry make sure you are right with the lord.god bless mark&pam

Gary McCarthur, Macclesfield wrote
Barry, you are a treasure and one of the best radio personalities of all time that I can remember. Your mate Geoff Sunderland came close and between the two of you, the music flowed. Unfortunately, did not get to meet you but know that you are one of God's treasures with depth and soul.

Roger from Hindmarsh Island wrote
Hi Barry, Sorry to hear the latest news, enjoy what time you have left, hope it's a lot longer than you think. Thinking of you Roger and Sue Scott

Dave wrote
You are a great man
Loved listening to you on the radio so did all of us when up the river too
Great service to the community
I was the one that penned 5 degrees warmer in Mannum which you used😎 at the Gumeracha pub
I was a bit naughty with the jukebox ringing up and using different names for requests I.e its Elvis here, really that’s what my mum named me😂😂😂 it was great we would get all the townies up and have sensational time
All the best

Michael Weir wrote
Dear Barry, so sorry to read your news. Thank you for so many wonderful years of broadcasting on 5MU. Saturday mornings won’t be the same without you. The interaction you had with the various correspondents, your genuine interest in them and their subject, your sense of humour, the promotion of your community and sport made listening to you not only enjoyable but compelling. A few years back it seemed like every time I tuned in to 5MU you were on the air such was your willingness to help the station. You have made a wonderful contribution to the radio industry in Perth and the Murraylands and you should feel justifiably proud and satisfied with your achievements. I hope you enjoy catching up with family and friends and that you and Roxy have some happy times together in this next period.

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