2024’s Unexpected Hobbies for Older Aussies’ Revealed

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Amazon Australia has joined forces with the dynamic duo and ‘un-retired’ TikTok fashion icons, Ginger & Carman and discovered that a whopping 48% of this demographic are gearing up to embrace fresh hobbies this year.

Ginger & Carman, renowned for carving out their own niche in the over-50s content realm, have collaborated with Amazon to curate content around the theme “New Year, More You.” The inseparable pair showcases their newfound pursuits facilitated by Amazon Australia, from capturing more memories with cutting-edge content creator gear to indulging in more dancing with Bluetooth headphones and elevating self-care routines with an at-home ice bath and paint set.

@gingerandcarman How do you get your highs? We just play! #poolparty #ageless #summervibes #friends #melbourne ♬ original sound – G&C
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Taking TikTok by storm, Ginger and Carman redefine ageing with their spirited lifestyle and fashion-focused escapades. Commenting on their collaboration with Amazon Australia, they exclaim, “Ageing isn’t about feeling young; it’s about feeling good and embracing life with enthusiasm. We’re thrilled to partner with Amazon Australia, who want to help Aussies of all ages and lifestyles have a go at whatever activity they may want this New Year. January is the perfect time to do the thing you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t know where to start or perhaps were too nervous to try. It’s not New Year, new you… but simply MORE you!”

“One in seven (16%) are eyeing a new tech hobby, with around 227,000 planning to take to the skies with drone”

The allure of sporting endeavors tops the charts for older Australians, with one in three expressing a keen interest in adopting a new sport this year. The more adventurous souls are considering activities like skydiving and pole dancing, while one in ten is eyeing pilates or yoga. Surprisingly, one in seven older Australians is venturing into the tech realm, with aspirations ranging from flying drones and creating social media content to dipping toes into the world of coding.

Musical aspirations are not left behind, as the research reveals that it’s never too late to learn a new instrument. Approximately one in twenty older Aussies plan to embark on a musical journey in the new year, with many setting their sights on mastering the electric guitar.

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One in twenty older Aussies is planning to take up a musical hobby this year, with over 59,000 intending to take up the electric guitar.

Matthew Benham, General Manager of Amazon Australia, emphasizes, “We know that Aussies are a diverse bunch, who look for activities, hobbies and interests that excite them and give them a kick, and from our research that’s true for Aussies over 60 too! Ginger and Carman are proof that you don’t have to miss out because of a number, and with over 200 million items across 31 categories, we want to help customers of all ages find the products they need to give whatever they’d like to try a go!”

So, whether it’s a resolution, a fresh interest, or a revival of a long-lost passion. Cheers to a year of rediscovery and embracing the ‘More You’ spirit!


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