The Final Trailer For ‘Fast X’ is Here

May 16, 2023 8:46 am in by
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Universal Pictures has just released the final trailer for the highly anticipated tenth instalment of the beloved “Fast and Furious” franchise, aptly titled “Fast X.” This latest preview promises an electrifying return to the series’ roots, filled with the signature blend of high-octane action, heartfelt family moments, and gravity-defying stunts that fans have come to expect.

Throughout their thrilling journey, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his loyal crew have continuously outwitted, outmaneuvered, and outpaced every adversary that dared to challenge them. But now, they face their most formidable opponent yet—a sinister figure emerging from the shadows of their past, driven by a relentless thirst for vengeance. This new nemesis is determined to dismantle Dom’s cherished family and obliterate everything and everyone he holds dear, forever altering their lives.


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To understand the depth of this looming threat, we must revisit the explosive events of “Fast Five” in 2011. Dom and his team triumphantly brought down the nefarious Brazilian drug lord Hernan Reyes, effectively dismantling his criminal empire on a pulsating bridge in Rio De Janeiro. However, unbeknownst to them, Reyes’ son, Dante (Jason Momoa), bore witness to their triumph and has spent the last twelve years meticulously crafting a diabolical scheme to exact the ultimate retribution upon Dom.

Dante’s nefarious plan will send shockwaves rippling through Dom’s tightly-knit family, scattering them across the globe. From the sun-drenched streets of Los Angeles to the mystical catacombs of Rome, from the vibrant landscapes of Brazil to the bustling cityscapes of London, and even as far as the frozen plains of Antarctica, this treacherous game of cat and mouse will push Dom and his crew to their limits.

As the stakes reach unprecedented heights, new alliances will form while old adversaries resurface, adding further complexity to the already explosive narrative. But everything changes when Dom discovers that his own innocent 8-year-old son (Leo Abelo Perry) becomes the primary target of Dante’s bloodthirsty quest for vengeance.

Returning alongside Vin Diesel are familiar faces who have become synonymous with the franchise’s enduring appeal. Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Nathalie Emmanuel, Sung Kang, John Cena, Charlize Theron, Cardi B, Helen Mirren, Michael Rooker, and Scott Eastwood reprise their roles, injecting the film with their unique charisma and dynamic performances.

Joining the “Fast and Furious” family for the first time are Daniela Melchior, Rita Moreno, and Alan Ritchson, promising fresh energy and exciting new dynamics to this thrilling chapter of the saga.

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Prepare to buckle up and hold on tight as “Fast X” races into theatres, delivering an adrenaline-fueled experience that will leave audiences breathless and hungry for more.


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