WATCH: P!NK Pauses Aussie Show to Congratulate Fan Going into Labour in the Crowd

February 12, 2024 11:13 am in by Rebekah Gonzalez
Photo by Gilbert Flores/Billboard via Getty Images

P!NK had an unexpected moment during her recent concert in Sydney. While performing her Summer Carnival tour show at Allianz Stadium, a fan went into labour in the middle of the show. The singer paused her performance of her track “Our Song” after fans signalled to her that the pregnant fan was wheeled away by medics.

“Is it Alicia or Alex being born right now?” P!NK joked on the mic per a TMZ video, running towards the edge of the stage to look into the crowd. “I feel like we’re all… We shouldn’t be looking! Everyone give her privacy!” She went on to hilariously ask, “She didn’t just have the baby right? Is the baby here? No, okay!”

“Congratulations!” she told the fan as the stadium crowd cheered on the fan. “Wow. ‘Our Song,’ huh? That was the one that did it. Wouldn’t have called that one. Thought it would’ve been like ‘Get the Party Started’ or ‘Never Gonna Dance Again,'” P!NK joked as she headed back up the stage to resume her performance.

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Shockingly, this isn’t the first time a fan has gone into labour during a P!NK concert. Last year, P!NK fan Angela Mercer had to leave the singer’s show at Fenway Park in Boston when she began feeling contractions and called her doctor, who then advised she go to the hospital.

According to a statement on Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Facebook page, Mercer and her family actually ended up walking to the hospital due to concert traffic. Fortunately, the hospital was only around a 1.6km walk from Fenway.