Visa Relief for Murraylands Nurse and His Family

May 11, 2023 8:47 am in by

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A Murray Bridge nursing home worker and his family have managed to secure a visa after being on the brink of deportation for months.

After moving here from Zambia 17 years ago, Clifford Chisengalumbwe, his wife Ngoza, and Australian-born daughter Mckayla (pictured above), have been facing deportation due to a technical issue on a 2012 visa renewal application.

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 Following intervention from his immigration agent, Mark Glazbrook, and a strong media campaign last year, the Immigration Minister granted the family bridging visas until early this year.

Speaking with ARN’s Jennie Lenman and Adam Connelly this morning, Chisengalumbwe says in March this year the family was finally granted a 491 Skilled Regional Visa.

“We’re so happy, my family and I are so grateful to you guys, you know the media… if it wasn’t for media coverage, I don’t think we would have gotten that Visa because we would have still been going back and forth with the courts…and I’m so grateful to residents at Lerwin and the staff… Murray Bridge community too is really supportive,” he said.

In a 2012 Visa application, Chisengalumbwe says his uncle accidentally submitted a 12-month bank statement instead of a 24 month one on his behalf to Immigration. He says his application was denied as the 28 days for Immigration approval lapsed. The decision was then overturned and he was granted a Visa, but because it was initially denied, he says he was categorised as ‘non-genuine entrant’, setting him up for future issues.

Glazbrook from Migration Solutions has been campaigning for skilled workers to be granted visas more easily to fill job shortages, as immigrants are left in ‘a state of limbo’ when they have to wait up to three years for decisions on permanent residency.

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Story by Jennie Lenman
Photo of Clifford, Ngoza and Mckayla Chisengalumbwe, supplied


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