Are you searching for a meaningful way to contribute to your community? Well, we have an exceptional opportunity awaiting you! The Tailem Bend Community Centre (TBCC), Murray Mallee Community Passenger Network (MMCPN), is urgently seeking volunteer drivers in Murray Bridge and Meningie to provide vital medical and social transport to community members in need. Whether it's a trip to the doctor's office, a visit to a friend, or simply transportation to an important appointment, your assistance can profoundly impact someone's life within your community. And here's the remarkable part - by volunteering with TBCC MMCPN, you can fulfill your job seeker payment obligations while making a positive difference in someone's life. There's absolutely no cost on your end to get involved. We provide the vehicles, a uniform, and even offer a meal allowance if your driving commitment exceeds 5 hours. Additionally, there are no fixed schedules; we simply send trip requests, and you decide whether to accept or decline. If driving isn't your thing? No worries! We're also on the lookout for volunteer companions who can journey alongside individuals, offering support and guidance, particularly during challenging times. We understand that navigating hospitals and coping with negative diagnoses can be overwhelming. That's why we're seeking compassionate volunteers, who can provide a comforting presence, help with navigating through medical facilities, and offer emotional support when it's needed most. So, why hesitate? Join our team of devoted volunteer drivers and become a driving force for good in your community. To sign up or learn more, contact Tailem Bend Community Centre today at 08 8572 3513. Together, let's create a meaningful difference, one ride at a time! Volunteer today and be the change you wish to see in the world.


If you would like to volunteer your time to help us build aviaries and shelters for our Wildlife Sanctuary in...

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO DO ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON? Why not come and play croquet? Age is no restriction – it’s a game for young and old. We call it a “nice nasty” game as, if you can’t score the hoop, the idea is to try to prevent your opponent from doing so. Lots of fun is had in the process. It offers mild physical exercise in the fresh air with a little bit of brain strain! All equipment is provided and the only requirement is that you wear ENCLOSED FLAT SOLED SHOES.

46 Thomas Street (corner of Short Street)

1. This will be a short ceremony acknowledging the meeting between Captains Matthew Flinders and Nicolas Baudin.  This led to the complete mapping of Australia. It will be held on Monday 8thn of April 2024 commencing at 4.00pm. The location being Soldiers Memorial Gardens Flinders Pade Victor Harbor. (Near the erected flag poles.) 2. A film event to be held on Saturday 11th of May 2024 at Victor Cinema Ocean Street Victor Harbor. The documentary is entitled "The Navigators" and tells of navigational exploits of both captains and explains their meeting on the 8th of April 1802. There will also be short presentations from honorary Professor and author Gillian Dooley speaking on Captain Matthew Flinders and Emerita Professors and authors Jean Fornaserio and John West-Sooby speaking on Captain Nicolas Baudin.                                                              Jean & John's contribution to our understanding of these historical connections between France and Australia has been recognised by the French Government through the awarding of the Palmes Académiques in which they both hold the rank of "officier". At the end of the documentary, we will be holding our AGM, and we would welcome those that are interested in the affairs of Encounter Celebrations to remain. To purchase tickets please click on the QR code.  

Victor Harbor

Western Youth Centre, 79 Marion Road, Cowandilla SA 5033