Popular Supermarket Item Experiencing Shortage

October 19, 2022 2:23 pm in by
Stock Photo ID: 1662728674 - Sydney, Australia - March 3, 2020: empty shelves in Woolworths supermarket.

Australian Supermarkets and restaurants have been hit with a shortage of a popular staple of households around the country.

The current shortage of potatoes is the result of the wild weather that has smashed the country this year, with many farmers impacted by floods that wiped out much of their crop.

Following this, pubs and restaurants around the country are having a tough time getting any stock in and as a result their prices have surged.

Another fan favourite potato item has been impacted, with supermarkets reporting dwindling numbers of potato chip stock.

PepsiCo Australia who make Smith’s, Twisties, Burger Rings and many more are reporting that it could be several months before shelves around the country return to normal.

“High levels of rainfall have impacted some potato crops, and while we are managing potato supply, we have been working closely with our retail partners to ensure our brands continue to be widely available,” a spokesperson told

“Due to supply chain issues affecting suppliers, some brands of potato chips may be unavailable,” a Coles spokesperson told “We have plenty of snacking options available for customers whose favourite chip brand may not be on shelf when they shop.”

Supply chain issues are affecting suppliers and supermarkets differently, with the likes of Coles, Woolworths and Aldi are all reporting varying amounts of stock.