Just Dance 2024 Edition Review

November 9, 2023 8:24 am in by

Ubisoft is back with its latest dance extravaganza, Just Dance 2024 Edition which might not include the level of improvements made to last years release but still does enough to warrant adding it to your catalogue of games.

The most significant change in Just Dance 2024 Edition is the ability for you play online with Just Dance 2023 Edition owners. While some songs may not be compatible, this cross-year feature is a welcome addition. Ubisoft is pushing Just Dance as a persistent online platform, and integrating this “song pack” with previous games’ playlists aligns with that vision. You can challenge high scores on the in-game leaderboard and send your own scores to friends, adding a competitive edge to the dance floor.

Other features include the Dance Workouts which are a fun way to exercise and burn some calories using gameplay as a motivator. This can be played solo or multiplayer if you prefer having someone else there to keep it fun and you accountable.

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The promise of year round updates with music and new features means that the game is ever evolving. Season based content and events will keep the title fresh and topical, and of course don’t forget the subscription service that gives you access to 300 songs. This game is only as big as you want it to be.

The title introduces 40 new songs covering a wide range of genres and styles, including Destiny’s Child’s ‘Survivor’ and D Billions’ ‘My Name Is,’ Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ and Jamiroquai’s ‘Canned Heat’. It’s the recent hits like Miley Cyrus’ ‘Flowers’ and Sam Smith’s ‘I’m Not Here To Make Friends’ that stand out. 

We tested the game on the PS5 and Nintendo Switch and found that the drawback of the title being an online platform is that it has a dependence on servers and connection stability. In Australia we don’t have a great connection so at times the game can be frustratingly slow, with at times a minute-long wait each time you start the game. In-game images accompanying song titles also take a moment to load. It’s certainly not a game-breaking issue but it can force you to be patient at times when you just want to move and groove to the music.

Fans of the Just Dance series are going to love the additional 40 songs that Just Dance 2024 Edition delivers. The addition of a few new features will keep you happy but not blow your mind, so if you’re ready to groove on familiar beats or a first time player, Just Dance 2024 Edition won’t disappoint.