Secret Sound

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Lend us your ears!!! The Secret Sound is an opportunity for you to win cash each morning at 7:45am Monday to Friday.

Just have a listen, figure out how the clues fit and you could be rolling in the $$$!!!



Jackpot for Tuesday 14th April

$1180 !!!




CLUE #3 : 7 to 10




Thanks to:


Farm Fresh Market


A mistuned radio.

An electric shaver on a bench.

Turning up a digital TV.

Ringing a dome bell

An idle engraver laid down

A washing machine

An alarm clock

The game "Operation"

The hospital emergency button

An air compressor

A tattoo gun

A poached egg alarm

Vibrating massager

The buzzer that tells you your food is ready

Incorrect buzzer

MRI scan warning buzzer

Milk shake maker

Air compressor

Entrance Buzzer to the Farm Fresh Market

Car Battery that won't start 

Using an engraving machine


 An electric bug zapper.

Electric toothbrush.

Sewing machine.

 A router

Elecrical interference

The static from when you drive under the Woolies carpark

A dentist's drill.

An MRI machine.

A mobile phone vibrating.

A ship with a cold. 

A welder getting stuck.

Blood Pressure machine.

Nurse calling buzzer.

A pub game. 

 A water pump.

Electric door opener.

Airless spray gun.

Engraving Tool.

Commercial paint mixer.

 X-ray machine.

 Blood pressure monitor.

A transformer.

The bottle-o buzzer.

Buzzer above the door on the red hen. 

 Speed alert in a car

Iron on a fence blowing in the wind

Welding Machine 

Electric Poacher

Restaurant Hand Dryer

Mobile phone ring tone 

The Wheel Of Fortune buzzer.


The radio when the microwave is on.

Truck reversing.

Scissor lift

Espresso machine

Pressure cleaner

A soda stream

The order buzzer at KFC

Grinding coffee

Automatic garage door opener

A Mincer

Mobile interference 

Vibrating exerciser

Milkshake maker

Battery drill clutch

Espresso coffe machine

Electric Shaver


Rattle Gun 

Madame Forgerry's personal relaxation device.

Ice cream machine.

Joke hand buzzer

Pasta maker

Footy siren

Shokwave therapy machine.

Barnaby Joyce's brain finding reverse.

Slushie maker

Coffee pod machine

Unbalanced washing machine.


Concrete Vibrator

Hair Clippers

Bakery buzzer.

The wrong answer buzzer.

A leaf blower.


Vaccuum sealer

Vaccuum cleaner

Bread knife

Citrus juicer.

Coffee grinder.

 A peanut butter machine

Ironing press

Store security alarm

Card shuffling machine

meat slicer

water timer

Tattoo gun

Paper shredder 

Trying to start a car with a flat battery

 Coin counting machine

starter's gun

key replicator 

fire works

a vibrating bed

 The Buzzer on the Woolies chook cooker

Popcorn maker

Caravan pump

A dying blowfly

Fairy floss machine.

Bingo Buzzer

Paint Spray gun

Intercom buzzer

Tram buzzer

Foot massager

Adjusting a massage chair.

Cattle prod. 

letting the air out of a balloon.

 Openning of racing gates

 Ultrasonic diamond cleaner.

Touching an electric fence.

CD skipping in its player.

Buzz Wire Game

Rodeo buzzer

Mobile ring tone

Grass trimmer

Rodeo chute buzzer

Personal Alarm

Water foot massager

Card shuffler

Starting a flat battery

 Greyhound racing starter

Old school lift

Totalizer machine

Bad welding

ATM dispensing money

Diesel generator motor


Soap dispenser

Paper shredder 

Off air alarm

Spaghetti maker

Equestrian penalty buzzer

Car horn

 Electric Fence

A power station 

Show clippers 

Automatic door opener

bread maker

Sheep shearers

Slushie machine

Electric knife

Paint sprayer

Massaging Thumper

Jamming paper into a fan

 Yoghurt maker

stab blender

a buzzer ringing inside out

Pepper grinder

Vegetable peeler

Money counter

Game show buzzer

Electric fence

Shoe last 

walking through a fast food door

 Plugging a tape player into an amplifier.

ice dispenser on a fridge.

Fish pond pump

Paper shredder 

Backing a truck


Sunscrean application timer.

Cucumber slicing food processor.